A season of change

It’s spring here in Phoenix, and although we can’t boast of the blossoming dogwood and cherry trees familiar to other parts of the country, we are nonetheless embarking on a new season. Summer is nearly upon us, and as we bid farewell to the Snowbirds who filled our streets and resorts during the annual Spring Break/Spring Training season, we prepare for 100 + days above 100 degrees F (nearly 38 C). While this may sound bleak to some, change is not all bad. Like the hardy souls who survive Minnesota winters, our summers are a chance to prove our mettle. They are also an opportunity for slowing down, for lazy weekends at the pool, and for road trips to the High Country or California. A time for connecting with friends and family, for getting out of our old routines, and for surviving something that, at the outset, always sounds impossible.

Change happens not just in nature and society, but also on a personal level. And as I spend a lot of time talking about change and transition, it only seems fair that I, too, should experience some of my own. I am thus very pleased to announce that as of April 1 (yes, April Fool’s Day!), I have rejoined my former relocation company in a new capacity as a writer and intercultural advisor. Despite that well-tread saying that “you can’t go home again,” I am already feeling quite at home, surveying the great strides that the organization has taken in my absence, and anticipating my role in future developments. If you are interested in this aspect of my work, or how intercultural relations and communication pertain to the relocation industry, I invite you to check out the website for Bristol Global Mobility, or you can reach out to me on here, or on LinkedIn, where I am always happy to meet new acquaintances, colleagues, and clients.

For those of you who have especially enjoyed my posts on here, have no fear. My own consulting and publishing will continue, as will my coaching. But, when offered the opportunity to participate in the relocation team that gave me my start, using my skills as an intercultural communicator, it was too good to pass up. Like spring, change can be a beautiful and bountiful opportunity, and I am eager to embrace it.


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