About Melissa

You can never have too much intercultural competence. Whether you’re moving abroad or moving home, managing a global team, or connecting with a diverse classroom, I’m here to help.

I designed my first cross-cultural program as a high school sophomore. Because I was so passionate about building bridges, I embarked on a career in international relations. I majored in Russian Area Studies, was a summer fellow at a think tank, served as an associate analyst at a geopolitics magazine, and studied in Poland.

I was so stirred by my experience abroad that I decided to pursue a M.A. in Intercultural Relations. Meanwhile, I tutored English learners, managed international female journalists, worked in global mobility, and served on the board of Young SIETAR. I also researched bias in children and published an intercultural children’s book.

Today, I help people navigate culture at the individual, community, and organizational level. I advise companies as they make sense of culture within their teams, leadership pipelines, and the global marketplace. I also coach expats and international students, conduct workshops and webinars, and guest speak and write on cultural topics. Finally, I am involved in the community as a dialogue facilitator, refugee coordinator, and teacher on American culture.

Whatever cultural challenge you are facing, it will be easier to navigate with an expert. Please reach out and say hello via the Contact tab, and let’s get acquainted!