What is it like to work with me? Here is a sample of testimonials from clients and team members:

Expat Coaching

Melissa’s coaching has been an invaluable tool before, during, and after my move from the US to Peru. We began working together 6 months prior to my move, one month before an initial visit to scope out apartments. My preparatory visit was so much richer using her detailed guidance on how to best prepare, practically and emotionally, both for the benefit of my partner and myself. She is deeply connected to both the intricacies of the personal psychological impact, as well as the logistical challenges associated with international/intercultural moves. Melissa provided numerous general and Latin America-specific references that I continue to pull from, including books, articles and blogs, easy de-escalation techniques to minimize my own frustration, and drew from her meaningful personal experiences to custom tailor the content and pace to my needs. I would recommend Melissa’s services as essential for anyone considering an international move, no matter how well they assume they can handle it, because of her unique insight and preparatory techniques. – Stacy, Senior Consultant and Global MBA, California

Communicating for an American audience

I met Melissa in one of my graduate level courses. I told the class that English is my third language and that I’d appreciate anyone proofreading my assignments. Melissa quickly volunteered to read my assignments and give me her feedback for improvement. Melissa has always been so supportive and mindfully uses her intercultural skills to create an empathetic bridge across cultures, which is critically important in any setting. – Taj Equity Outreach Coordinator, Iowa.

I met Melissa at SIETAR conference for intercultural educators and trainers in 2012, and since then have been a supportive collaborator for one another. Her expertise and awareness in intercultural issues and writing have helped me improve my website and blog. Melissa also helped me edit my application essay for my graduate school. Our collaboration enhanced the essay to capture my professional and personal experience in a concise manner. Her editing skills as well as responsiveness are just a couple of things to highlight. I highly recommend her as a professional that you collaborate with as a writing editor or intercultural mentor. – Yoko, Clinical Social Worker, Massachusetts

Mélissa Hahn est une personne sensible et inteligente, à qui on peut faire confiance. Elle a le talent pour dialoguer avec des différentes cultures, toujours en respectant la diversité. Je la recommande pour des tâches où le dialogue, la diplomatie ou la capacité de conciliation sont importants. – Daniel, Professor na Universidade Federal do Pampa, Brazil

Melissa helped me with one of my presentations in English and worked with me on my presentation skills, very impressive. Melissa is a motivated young woman of numerous talents, a lot of patience, well-organized, likable, enthusiastic, trusting and trustworthy to work with. Melissa is also culturally sensitive and well travelled, I would love to offer a high recommendation for her future work as an English tutor/public speaking tutor without reservation. – Dan Zhao, Business Development Manager, East China

Culture in the classroom

I had the opportunity to ask for her expertise on two occasions: First, when I was writing an intercultural play for a course,Melissa very kindly read my play and offered great advice on ways to improve it by asking questions and making detailed comments. The second time, I was teaching a class called American Cultural Perspectives and needed some ideas about ways to make the topics such as American Values and Cross-cultural Communication interesting to students. Melissa had great insights about how to make the content relevant for students and how to focus the type of language to use when addressing the topic of American Values or handling potentially controversial questions. I really appreciated her help and enjoyed being able to brainstorm ideas with her. – Lea, Fulbright Scholar and ESL teacher, Africa

Collaborative Writing

Melissa is an stunning writer who is able to articulate not only her own ideas, but also those of others accurately and articulately. I was drawn to Melissa by our mutual passion for culture and shared experience with Korean culture specifically. I invited Melissa to contribute to my blog and edit copy for my website where she exemplified her cultural expertise in the creativity of her writing and her ability to capture diverse ideas and concepts. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone who was looking for a unique and powerful voice. – Tamara, Leadership Trainer for Millennials