Professional Endorsements

What do my intercultural colleagues have to say about me? Below is a sample of professional endorsements:

Melissa brings many assets to her intercultural consulting. The first is real-life experience living overseas and communicating with culturally-different others. The second is a strong, solid understanding of intercultural communication theory and its application. In addition, her ability to empathize with others and communicate effectively with them allows her to provide clients with just the right information presented in just the right way. I have a high amount of confidence in Melissa’s skills as a consultant and trainer and can recommend her without reservation. РChristopher Deal, Ph.D. Intercultural Relations professor, former president of SIETAR USA (the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research), Louisiana

Melissa is a true gem and her communication skills are stellar. Melissa possesses the ability to actively listen to others in any context. Her contributions are always well thought out, intelligent, and empathetic. She is professional, confident, and humble. Melissa is always able to connect with others from diverse backgrounds find ways to create meaningful communication. She has an in depth knowledge and understanding of intercultural relations and applies her skills in a multitude of settings. Melissa is an absolute pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any team. – Francesca Baldassano, Training Manager at UCLA Health, California

Melissa is a very bright multi-talented change agent who combines a passion for inclusiveness, superior skills in facilitation and coaching within the international and intercultural fields with an outstanding ability to empathize. – Esther Schvan, Certified Professional Facilitator, Career Transition Coach, Trainer and Speaker, Canada

Melissa is a grounded, open, intelligent professional with an incredible grasp of diversity topics. She is a great communicator who is comfortable and confident individually, as well as in groups. She has an awareness of her abilities and uses them to their full potential. I enjoyed working with Melissa both on a professional and personal level as she brought such positive energy to our interactions. I look forward to working with her again in the near future. – Charmilla Kasper, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Glispa Global Group, Germany

Melissa and I have been together on the Board of Young SIETAR (Young Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) for a few years now. Melissa has been doing an absolutely fantastic job as our Education Coordinator. It is not an easy thing to find so much drive to do a 100% voluntary job with so much professionalism and good spirit. Melissa is an excellent team player and she sure knows what she is doing as the Coordinator! She has been the right person in the right place, with her intercultural skills and experience, her intuition how to work with people from different backgrounds, especially in terms of culture. I particularly admire what she and the Education team did for our social media presence and activities. Keep it up, Melissa! – Jacek Hutyra, Chief of Staff/Programme Office Director to Orange Group Deputy CEO & EVP Europe, France

Melissa and I started working together at Young SIETAR in the Fall of 2011. Since Young SIETAR is a virtual organization, a high level of intercultural knowledge, expertise and dedication is needed. Melissa demonstrated all of these attributes and went above and beyond. She was highly skilled in demonstrating intercultural competence in a virtual environment, a difficult skill to master. As well as that Melissa was a gifted writer and editor, who was always willing to creatively help a colleague when they had writers block or needed help editing. – Sabrina Ziegler, Settlement Coordinator at AMSSA, Canada